Our team focuses its experience and passion on building mutually beneficial growth partnerships with our customers. KEMIA continuously invests in research and production to achieve and maintain high standards in sectors such as:
Fashion, Automotive, Electronics and numerous applications requiring high-performance surface treatments.


The decorative sector is KEMIA’s core business.
Thanks to its experience, KEMIA has developed various solutions that find wide application in the fashion industry.
All KEMIA products are manufactured completely in-house in order to guarantee maximum control and the best product quality.
For these reasons KEMIA has become in a short time a reliable partner and reference reality in the decorative electroplating sector.


The functional sector of surface treatments covers an important portion of KEMIA’s business.
It is a fundamental part of the industry that deals with improving the surface properties of materials such as metal and plastic. These treatments aim to give surfaces specific functional characteristics, such as corrosion resistance, hardness, adhesion, lubrication, non-stick properties and more.
Functional surface treatments are crucial in various industries, such as automotive, aeronautics, electronics, energy, and construction.


Founded in 2013, KEMIA is a reliable partner of the most important companies in the sector of electroplating in Italy.

Supported by chemical laboratories and materials science, KEMIA not only manufactures all its products but also constantly improves them by guaranteeing customer care designed for each customer.

In 2023, KEMIA grows further and becomes a full-fledged group. With the entry of DANTECANEVA Srl of Vicenza, production capacity, delivery speed and quality of customer service increase. The companies manages to be more present in the North/North-East area of Italy, offering a more concrete and responsive presence to its customers.



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KEMIA is constantly focused on innovation.

With its own state-of-the-art R&D centre, strategically located in the Milan area, the aim is to continuously improve processes, both technically and environmentally, in order to offer high quality products that meet the needs and demands of the various industrial sectors, and to strive to optimise process parameters, such as process composition, temperature, electric current and exposure time, to achieve optimal results.


KEMIA constantly strives for innovation to provide state-of-the-art solutions to its customers.

We develop chemical formulations for the future.

Environmentally friendly technology: KEMIA has dedicated itself to the development of environmentally friendly surface treatment technologies, reducing the use of harmful chemicals and optimising processes to reduce environmental impact. These innovations make it possible to achieve high-quality coatings in a more sustainable manner.

Through our partnerships and international patents, we are able to share knowledge, experience and resources, thus accelerating the development process and bringing new technologies and products to the market. Working together with our partners enables us to gain a broader, multidisciplinary perspective, pushing the boundaries of innovation and addressing challenges in a more effective and reproducible way.

KEMIA BIO-Label – THE REVOLUTION in the Plating on plastics – Chromium-free – Permanganate-free – 100% Reach conform.
KEMIA has developed a system that integrates chemistry, special Racks and plant engineering for our customers.

KEMIA BIO LABEL eliminates the use of toxic substances as hexavalent chromium or strong oxidants such as permanganate in POP pretreatment etching processes for ABS articles.

These alternatives provide excellent performance without compromising safety and the environment and are reusable in the production cycle.
They reduce chemical consumption and do not require any further authorisation.



Since 2022, the multinational industry leader in chemicals for surfaces treatments Max Schlötter GmbH & Co.KG has chosen KEMIA Srl as its partner for the Italian market. This collaboration allows the two companies to share studies and constantly improve their products. KEMIA exclusively supplies Schlötter Galvanotechnik products on the Italian territory, guaranteeing the development and assistance of the processes themselves.


Galvatore Plating & Equipment is a German company specialising in electroplating and the supply of equipment and services for metal surface finishing. With years of experience in the industry, they offer complete solutions for high-quality electroplating. KEMIA has been the official licensee for the RACKSTAR© RACK protection systems in Italy since 2023.


BICONEX GmbH is also a German company offering market-leading competence in the production and supply of polymer-coated parts with functional metal surfaces. Together with KEMIA, BICONEX products are developed and defined according to customer requirements, brought into production with small and large volumes. In this way, we tackle very innovative and environmentally friendly product developments together.